The marriage of Sara e Alberto

Wedding story

Alberto came to the studio in a late autumn morning: “Aniello, Sara and I are getting married; we need some shots, we are not very accustomed to the photos, the memory is enough for us”.

Visibly excited, in announcing this good news, but at the same time, with his dose of practicality and sympathy, he tried not to make it look too much. He told me that Sara was particularly interested in having photos that told the day, rather than images that focused on individual subjects, or rather, on her. Clear symptom of shyness. But if there is one thing that I learned after all the years that I do this job, it is that people are never really prepared to be photographed; they must be accompanied, discreetly, step by step throughout the shooting.

The wedding day arrived and with it all the load of emotions and good intentions: the atmosphere of “healthy tension” reigned supreme at the home of both guys. All by the book.

Parents, relatives and friends act as a background with laughs, tears and compliments: the groom is almost ready, the bride not yet. In these cases the delay is almost due, the atmosphere of curiosity around the preparation of the bride increases.
The whole neighborhood welcomed the bride, passing with her father, with great smiles and applause of approval. The moment in the church was full of looks, complicity and above all lots of smiles and laughs. I must say that their way of being and doing very positively affected my mood and, above all, all the people around.

Immediately after the church ceremony, we went to take some shots in Marina Chiaiolella. Sara and Alberto were loose and smiling and, referring to a beautiful phrase, I would say: “two angels with a single wing” who, however, can fly, together.

My most sincere wish for you to fly high and make all your best dreams come true.

Thank you guys!

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