The marriage of Gea and Luigi

Wedding story

Gea and Luigi: she a journalist, he a lawyer … in short, when you write about two people who really know how to do it with a pen, a little fear comes to you … but this can only happen if you stop to the official clothes; in reality Gea and Luigi are two very simple boys, always with a smile on their lips, with a great passion for what they do.

As soon as we met, everything was definitely empathetic, talking to them is a pleasure, you forget time.
The wedding fully reflected their way of being: they rejoiced in their love and union, this pushed me to be an attentive spectator without ever affecting their spontaneity, time flew among tears of emotion, laughs and a lot of tradition, plus a great attachment to Procida and its beauties.

Gea and Luigi immediately wanted to underline their attachment to Procida and how much they wished to have shots together with their favorite piece of land; they had no doubts about going around the pretty streets of the island and being portrayed with the enchanting background of Corricella.

The bond between two people has a sacredness out of any dogma or direction, we love each other for a whole life even after looking at each other only once; souls always do before bodies, in recognizing and holding each other hands.

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