The marriage of Gaurang and Magda

Wedding story

When I think abouth Magda and Gaurang, I can’t help but be amazed by the way love weaves its plots.

from Procida, humble and always smiling, a very positive person, Happiness and serenity lie in her way of being One day, a long time ago, take her away from Procida Island and she moved to London


an Indian and very calm boy, with regal attitudes, a distinctly British humor, gets systematically lost every time he looks his Magda in the eyes.

Receiving the proposal to be the photographer of their wedding was very exciting: I immediately felt involved both emotionally and professionally; Before being a bride to whom deliver the photos of the most beautiful day, Magda is a dear old friend.

Immediately I noticed, by both of them, a way of doing particularly disenchanted, a strong awareness of their mutual feeling that appears through any gesture they made; I never wanted to interfere in this during their most beautiful day.

Normally I love working only with ambient light, and in this case, I have always tried to be a little on the edge of the scene, observe it and record everything only with the help of real light and my faithful 28 mm and 85 mm lens.

The day of their yes was particularly peaceful and In some moments playful, with a lot of moments of thanksgiving from their respective families, a strong sense of the bond that exists regardless of geographical and cultural distances.
A tangible reason that affirms without too many words that loving and being loved is always one of the most exciting and sensible things in our life.
Thanks Magda and Gaurang …… good luck, शुभकामनाएँ

All the photos of the wedding of Magda and Gaurang


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