Rebecca & Richard – Wedding for 2

Wedding story

Rebecca and Richard, two English boys who have decided to pronounce their fateful yes, in a very different place and far from the one where their love began: Procida. Its still uncontaminated nature, the sea and good food made it a perfect set for what they dreamed of making.

A courageous choice, out of the canons: two guys who swear to be together forever, doing everything alone, enough for each other, immersing themselves in a day totally dedicated to the two of them. All this has a name: Wedding for 2.

The desire to be only two, without any influence from relatives or friends, made everything very intimate: an introspective atmosphere that could not be altered, but only followed and told step by step. In these cases, in addition to the continuous search for good light, I always rely on fixed optics, and a powerful telephoto lens that allows me to follow the scene even from far away without interfering.

The wedding took place in two very suggestive sets: the narrow streets of Procida and the Hotel ‘A Sciulia, a very ancient and suggestive structure with a garden and a citrus grove of 8000 square meters; here the fateful “yes” or rather “Yes I do” was pronounced.

All the decorations followed the hot pepper theme, a symbol of luck and good luck and the shades of red, a symbol of love.

Dinner was served on a terrace overlooking the sea, while sweets were served under an ancient tree; two spaces symbol of “Sciulia” for beauty and meaning. The final touch: a wooden box, handcrafted containing photos of the island and the newlyweds and some sweet sugared almonds to send to friends and relatives as an announcement not of the date but of the event …

For their wedding Rebecca and Richard have chosen all the professionalism of the island of Procida, a team put together by the attentive Federica Formisano, creator and owner of the PROCIDA WED (Weddings || Events || Design) to which a big thank you goes to the brilliant and patient director in the management of every detail.
As I think about this photo shoot, the first word that comes to my mind is passion: first of all that of Rebecca and Richard, sweet and deeply devoted to their bond; and then to that of all the professionals who made their yes unforgettable:

Federica Formisano for Procida WED Maria Coppola for the video Gabriela Cistinofood project Hotel ‘A Sciulia for the location Florentino Flowers for the flowers Barbagianni for the furnishings and decorations Mediterraneo for the furnishings, the wedding dress and accessories Fabiola Guarracino Hair Stylist Anastasia Scotto for the Make-Up Ivana Toma Stationary Michela Scotto di Ciccariello Sketches Annamaria Quadretti for the craft box

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