Procida, Good Friday 2017

An ancient story

Trailer - The days of the sacred

Who knows what Procida was like three hundred eighty-seven years ago …

Certainly, its face was freer from man’s works, its people probably less structured, a simple heart and at the same time, instinctive and almost uncontrollable;

faith, a vehicle of primary importance for everyday life.

In this context, a tradition that until the early 1700s had an extremely penitential character, including corporal mortifications, comes to life, after which, in the first decade of the 1700s, it becomes symbolic and up to the present day has remained almost unscathed over the centuries. there aren’t wrinkles or spots, but only strength, energy, passion and faith.

A strong passion born around the heartbreaking events related to the last hours of Christ on earth.

A flame that is nourished year after year, from father to son, with an almost mandatory participation; you often start that you are not able to move even one step on your own, to then become elderly men, who present to Christ the epic story of their life in virtue and in suffering, sometimes with a simple candle, with a slow, fatigued step, a thin veil of emotion that remains unscathed over the years, a witness of an almost ancestral bond with Procida and the mother of its traditions.

A heartbreaking and mysterious sound draws the attention of the inhabitants of Procida in the days of Christ’s passion: a scream that is inexorably marking the end of a man sentenced to death.

That sound is left by a centuries-old tradition, and imprinted in the heart of every inhabitant of the island; it is welcomed as the arrival of a common mission, which culminates in the Good Friday Procession.

Sharp and sharp. The announcement

In memory of the last supper

Thursday - The Apostles

Act of faith

Christ ascends to the Mother Church

Power washes his hands

Life beyond death

The Congregation of the Turchini

Today one, tomorrow the other


Prayer silence


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