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Just a small space to collect thoughts, stories of people met, anecdotes and some advice given or received. In short, a way to keep a thread with all of you.

Fan Ho - A master of photography


“The photograph must be disturbing and worth remembering.”

I could not help starting this article with a quote that every photographer should, in my humble opinion, always keep in mind, like the brush in the hands of the painter, ready to slip on a white canvas to make it a moment later indelibly, another thing.

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Wedding in Bacoli: Alessia and Angelo

Alessia e Angelo

For many people marriage is the beginning of a new chapter, for Angelo and Alessia it was instead the seal of a bond, which began before their hearts and consciences, which prepares moment by moment in welcoming each other, which is strengthened in waiting, which is tight in loving each other.

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Newlyweds in Procida: the wedding of Anna and Nicola

Anna and Nicola

Exactly one year before their “yes”, Anna wrote me a nicely peremptory message: “in a year from today, write down you have to come and take pictures to our wedding.”

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Mariachiara and Stefano celebrate their wedding in Forio d'Ischia

Mariachiara and Stefano

When I think of Mariachiara and Stefano, I immediately have the feeling to think to two dear friends, who I have known for a long time, who live far away, and to see them I have to wait for the “special holidays” …

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IMUN 2020 - Italian Model United Nations - Naples

IMUN 2020

Now in its eighth edition, IMUN Napoli (Italian Model United Nations) is the largest organized UN simulation in Campania aimed at high school students.
Naples, from 23 to 25 January 2020.

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Sàmmarezj '- Procida - Procession and feast of the Madonna delle Grazie


In the suggestive Sanctuary of Maria Santissima delle Grazie, in Procida called “Sammarezio”, there is a devotional mantle dedicated to the Madonna. Every year on July 2nd …

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Good Friday in Procida - Act of faith

Procida, Good Friday 2017

Who knows what Procida was like three hundred eighty-seven years ago …
Certainly, its face was freer from man’s works, its people probably less structured, a simple heart and

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Sara and Alberto - Marriage procidano - Wedding stories

The marriage of Sara e Alberto

Alberto came to the studio in a late autumn morning: “Aniello, Sara and I are getting married; we need some shots, we are not very accustomed to the photos, the memory is enough for us”.

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Marriage of Magda and Gaurang

The marriage of Gaurang and Magda

Normally I love working only with ambient light, and in this case, I have always tried to be a little on the edge of the scene, observe it and record everything only with the help of real light and my faithful 28 mm and 85 mm lens.

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More culture less fear - "Mistrust" Exhibition


It is there, on the highest point of the island, my island, Procida.
If I think about what it was and what it is now, I can’t help but imagine the eye of a …

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