Mariachiara & Stefano

Wedding story

When I think of Mariachiara and Stefano, I immediately have the feeling to think to two dear friends, who I have known for a long time, who live far away, and to see them I have to wait for the “special holidays” …
They are the first couple who entrusted me with the photo shoot of their wedding, only through the t web tools, especially with

In the past, I worked already with couples who, attracted by the beauty of Procida, organized their “yes” among nets, sea, lemons and small streets: but it was a bit different for Mariachiara and Stefano.

For a few months our contact was purely epistolary, but one thing was immediately clear to me “they are two very simple guys, who will live their “yes” in their way, without any stereotypes or compromises”

We met for the first time in Procida: we talked a lot, and in my heart I felt a certain empathy for the way they talked about what they wanted to organize and how they imagined it: the wedding had to take place in Ischia, Mariachiara is from Forio , but she has been living with Stefano in Cesena for many years.
I am proud of the beauty of my island, and I always try to make it known to everyone, so we organize the engagement in Procida: all my feelings about them were true: two guys who looked at each other and the whole world could even go further, what they needed was there already.

The day of the wedding arrives, a warm September day, my collaborators and I set off following the road map drawn up in a meticulous way by Mariachiara, for the occasion I inaugurated a new perspective, the Tamron 15-30 f2 , 8 DI VC USD G2, its marked wide-angle qualities would have guaranteed me an excellent yield to capture the very extensive and pronounced architecture of the Chiesa of San Vito Martire in Forio d’Ischia.

They said “yes”, in their own way, with tears and smiles, taking advantage of every moment to look at each other and say that everything was true and forever.
Forio, its panoramas and its narrow streets framed all the photos outside, everything was very natural.
The celebration was in Villa Spadara: relatives and friends, all around Stefano and Mariachiara: they were an authentic attraction, laughs, hugs and tears of emotion harmonized every moment of that splendid evening.
Today when I think of all this, or when we talk on the phone, a single thought comes back to my mind: “love strikes without warning, you don’t feel any pain, you become strong and tireless, from that moment you have a single desire, be able to the most beautiful thing that life has given you”.
Thank you guys.

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