IMUN 2020

Italian Model United Nations

IMUN 2020 Naples was a beautiful professional occasion, where the best part is the extraordinary preparation of the boys: brilliant, with the desire to give a chance to the weird human family.

Three days to photograph hundreds of students, who discussed the problems and possible solutions related to economic and moral policies for our planet, with determination.

The participants were located in three exceptional locations: the Sala dei Baroni and Antisale dei Baroni in Maschio Angioino, the sumptuous Sala Gemito of Galleria Principe di Napoli and Aula Grande and Aula Piccagli of the University of Parthenope.

Everyone was rigorously dressed in “Formal Dress” and in shifts, according to the debate procedures implemented at the UN glass building, they alternated at a podium area to submit problems and solutions to the countries they represented: each had a “Placard” a strip where the country they represented was clearly read … I don’t hide the fact that I learned of countries I had never heard of before.

Many topics were discussed: from the elimination of micro-plastics in the oceans to digital terrorism, to the preservation of cultural heritage during wars.

The purpose of the simulation is to confront each other, intervene, mediate a position and cooperate to write a resolution.

With me Eugenio Persico and Stefano Petti, first-rate video-makers who at the end of the three days presented an explanatory video of the event. On these occasions my favorite optic is, and it will always be the Nikkor 24-70 f2.8, it allows me to see everywhere, always staying one step off the scene, but still guaranteeing excellent results.

Seeing a multitude of young people so prepared, gave me a great sense of hope, especially when compared to what we usually see, in bad conditions.

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