Anna and Nicola

Wedding story

The first thing that I remember of this wedding is the way I was hired.
Exactly one year before their “yes”, Anna wrote me a nicely peremptory message: “in a year from today, write down you have to come and take pictures to our wedding.”
Anna and Nicola, before being my clients, are my dear friends, we have known
each other for years, and learning about their idea to create a family was a beautiful
The most beautiful feeling and at the same time also a great responsibility was that they totally entrusted themselves
to my judgment and to my indications immediately: they wanted to be interpreted for the way they are,
without applying any stylistic veto.
On the wedding day, we wore “different uniforms”, but this did not stop our natural confidence,
indeed it was an added value.
Anna walked to the church, next to her Dad, a very large group of friends and neighbours
was with her, and for the occasion they applauded and appreciated the beauty of the
bride: it was like a scene of a movie, an Italian one, full of simplicity, beauty and emotions.
Nicola was waiting for Anna on the altar of the church of S. Antonio di Padova, a 1633 church set in
a small square that has the same name.

They were both very excited, but the best thing ever was the way they barely looked at each other
Nicola greeted Anna on the altar on her arrival, it was like when a person, after a moment of apnea,
he starts to breathe again and immediately feels better.
Anna and Nicola, they are each other’s breath, they are the completion of a very sweet gesture.
The reception took place in La Vigna hotel, an ancient structure overlooking the Gulf of Naples,
embraced by a large vineyard, with an architectural form that suggests a castle of others
The outdoor photos were taken at different times, the newlyweds wanted to be close to all their guests without
leaving nothing to chance, this has not prevented us from going to various locations that our dear Procida
offers us, to portray some of their beautiful essence.
A silhouette at sunset, was the last photo of the day, was the conclusion of a party that marked the beginning
of a beautiful new chapter together,
thank you so much, guys !!!

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